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Interim Management & Business Audit

Interim & Project ManagementToday companies are increasingly faced with the challenge to absorb suddenly accruing capacity shortage and new special topics, new organizational responsibilities or insufficient knowledge. Here the classic consulting services not required but experts who take the role of an employee, launch operational and take responsibility in the sense of the company.

The cerafin offer

cerafin offers the provision of experts and highly experienced executives from international companies. This enables our clients at the operational project work for restructuring tasks or at internal resource shortage on their needs tailored use of practical experience for special situations.
Cerafin assumes responsibility in these tasks and also offers performance-based compensation models . Thus our services are measurable and can be reviewed and communicated by you at any time.

Your benefit by choosing cerafin

  • Immediate operational support in addressing your challenges
  • Avoid delay in the change process
  • Professionals and Managers with responsibility awareness


Business Auditing

Successful companies face up to the challenge of adapting their business models to the current market needs by working on continuously improving their business processes, business organization and the IT systems.
A central success factor is the integration of all three components - the business-IT alignment.

The cerafin offer

cerafin provides experienced consultants and proven methods for an objective analysis of your current situation and for identification of improvements and their implementation in the established business processes, IT architectures, current projects or existing organizational structures. A comprehensive assessment with recommendations , which is based on a specially developed process model and structured interviews, can be conducted and evaluated within a short time.

Your benefit by choosing cerafin

  • Optimal integration of business processes and supporting IT
  • Optimal organizational structures
  • Successful continuation of ongoing projects